Marceline, Missouri

Walt Disney's boyhood hometown

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There are no national chain restaurants on our Main Street. They’ll all home cooking, forward thinking chefs and servers, dedicated to serving great food.

Shop Main Street USA all year long at our retail offerings, and their online stores. Your support of Marceline shops is what makes our town magical.
Come stay in Marceline for a day or a week. Our family owned vacation rentals are just like being home, while you visit Walt Disney’s hometown.
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Find everything Marceline has to offer, from local services, to nonprofit organizations, things to do, and places of worship. They’re all listed right here.

Not So Hidden Gems

Marceline Skatepark

Marceline Skatepark in Memory of Timothy Frandson Nestled in the heart of Marceline, Missouri lies a true hidden...


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Celebrate America with Marceline

Marceline has has long celebrated the 4th of July with a carnival and parade.

The parade, organized by the Marceline Area Chamber of Commerce, was streamed live by the Downtown Marceline Foundation, and was announced by KDWD radio‘s own ‘Big Erv‘. We look forward to broadcasting future parades and events that happen on Main Street USA.

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